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Brand: Butterfly

Butterfly Free Chack Pro glue

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90ml Newly formulated, latex based adhesive Specifically designed for Spring Sponge rubbers; SpinArt and the Tenergy series of rubbers Allows easy removal of excess glue from sponge and blade surface Stronger bond than Free Chack With sponges Made in Japan

Price R250.00
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Gorilla Gold All-Sport Grip Enhancer

Whether you want to improve your grip in wet conditions or give your old grips a new grip feel, the Gorilla Gold Golf Grip Enhancer has become the most recommended name in golf and in every sport where grips play an important role. Gorilla Grip tacks up grips or hands for better control, repels moisture with a waxy coating, and dry-cleans grips by...

Price R150.00
In stock

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