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By purchasing items from Racketlon SA, the buyer must agree to full compliance to these terms and conditions that are set out by Racketlon SA. Racketlon SA reserves the right to take any legal action against the buyer if these terms and conditions are violated in due course.

Trading Name: Racketlon SA is a trading name of Racketlon South Africa, registered in The Republic Of South Africa within the Closed Corporation 1984.

Items are usually dispatched within two (2) working days of funds being received by us and cleared, but please allow up to seven (7) days for domestic delivery.

Returns : You have fourteen (14) days to return an item to us, however, please contact us at info(at) to receive confirmation from us before you do anything.

Our returns policy is at our discretion, as is not to be abused as seen fit by Racketlon SA. Your item must not have been used, and must be returned in exactly the same condition (including other contents) as it was delivered to you. We will not pay for the item to be delivered back to us, this is your responsibility, and nor do we refund the original transport cost.

Warranty : Due to the nature of the games, rackets are not under guarantee for breakages including frames and strings.


Customers are encouraged to review their purchases with a 5 star rating system. 1 star being bad, 5 being excellent and anything in-between. You can also put some text explaining why you think it was good or bad. This will really help others decide if its a good item or not. Simply click on the product you want to review and then click on "Rate it".

Please also feel free to review our service on our facebook review page, .

Please refrain from profanity, racial, religious abuse or negativity which is deemed inappropriate. Reviewers will be removed and blocked from database and unable to make any future purchases. 

Rack Rewards - earn when you invite your friends:

Instructions on how to join the reward program.


1) Register an account on RacketlonSA if you haven't already done so.

2) In Your Account section (

3) Join the Affiliate program (its Free for everyone and will be limited in future so join asap)

4) In Your Account section you will find a link to send to your friends via email or whatsapp or even text message. This is your unique code letting us know you referred this friend to join the Racketlon family. If they also join the RR program they too can enjoy RR added to their account for future use. But even if they don't you will still earn off all their purchases as well (whether they join RR or not). Should they too decide to join RR you will still get your RR added to your account and so will they.

5) You will see the balance of your RR in Your Account section

6) Should your friends then decide to invite some friends they too can enjoy the RR but here's the real kicker, being a 3 level tier reward system you too will earn off them. A smaller percentage but none the less you will still earn RR and you don't even know them - how cool is that?. So get inviting.


Example: RR1 = 1Rand


John joins RR and invites his friends to join (To entice friends to join there may be a discount voucher available for a time period)


John invites Leila to Racketlon. Leila purchases something and end value is R1000. Leila in this case also joined RR, why wouldn't you?.  John earns a 4% RR onto his account.

If John invited 100 people and 10 bought at R1000 he would get RR400 straight to his account.


Now Leila also invited Abdul, Abdul bought R1000 value. Leila earned 4% and John also earned 2%.

If Leila invited 100 people and 10 people bought to value of R1000. Leila would get RR400 added to her account and John would get RR200 as well.


·        You can use your RR any time to pay partially or fully for an order. If you don't have enough points to pay for an entire order that's no problem. Simply enter the amount of points that you want to use and then click the 'Submit Order' button at the bottom of the last check out page. You will then be prompted to choose another payment method to settle the remaining amount.


This is some good earning potential for doing basically nothing but spreading the love.


T&C apply: Racketlon has the right to withdraw program at any time for any individual or whole program. Racketlon has right to adjust RR % at anytime. All participants will be informed via newsletter of such changes should they occur. By joining the program you agree to these terms. RR can not be exchanged for cash and may only be redeemed on our site.


Note that you can earn money by using our Rack Reward system


How do I earn Rack Rewards for referring my friends to RacketlonSA?

You can earn Rack Rewards by referring your friends to RacketlonSA. To do this you must first have an account with us. You will then be able to send your friends invitations via email, sms, whatsapp and earn Rack Rewards on all their purchases. See instructions and examples above.

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