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Table Tennis Blades


Table tennis blades with various combinations of all wood, wood and carbon, fiber etc. Different kinds of wood, and various plies of wood making each blade thickness, size, weight all unique in its speed and control factors. Blades are characterized from offensive, all-round and defensive. This can further be broken down into DEF, ALL-, ALL, ALL+, OFF-, OFF, OFF+ and OFF++.We have whatever pong pong blade you need or imagine for your style of play right here.


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Brand: Butterfly

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

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Brand Butterfly Model Timo Boll ALC Speed 8+ Control 8 Orientation OFF+ Weight 86g Material 2 plies of Arylate Carbon, 2 plies of Koto, 2 plies of Limba, center ply is Kiri Stiffness 5.6 ave

Price R2,400.00

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