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1. Beginner Level:
  • Padel Racket:

    • Look for a racket that is lightweight (between 340-370 grams) for easier handling.
    • Choose a racket with a larger sweet spot to help with control and power.
    • Beginner rackets often have a round shaped head for forgiveness and ease of use.
  • Footwear:

    • Opt for padel specific shoes with deep grooves for best grip. Tennis shoes are also possible just make sure they have deep grooves. Squash shoes or running shoes are not ideal.
  • Clothing:

    • Comfortable athletic wear that allows free movement.
    • Deep pockets to hold balls while serving.
    • Consider moisture-wicking fabrics for better comfort during intense rallies.
  • Balls:

    • Standard padel balls are used for all levels. They are pressurized and have good bounce characteristics suited for the game. They are smaller and softer than tennis balls however hardly noticeable.

2. Intermediate Level:

  • Padel Racket:

    • Choose a racket with a medium weight (between 360-380 grams) for more power and control.
    • Consider a racket with a tear drop-shaped head for a balance between power and control.
    • Look for advanced materials like carbon fiber for improved performance and durability.
  • Footwear:

    • Shoes with a good balance of cushioning and support, specifically designed for padel.
    • Opt for shoes with reinforced toe areas for durability during lateral movements.
  • Clothing:

    • Breathable and lightweight materials that offer mobility and comfort.
    • Consider UV protection if playing outdoors frequently.
    • Deep pockets to hold balls while serving.

3. Advanced Level:

  • Padel Racket:

    • Select a racket with a heavier weight (370 grams and above) for maximum power and stability.
    • Advanced players may prefer a more head-heavy balance for increased swing speed and power.
    • Look for a dense foam for enhanced spring and power.
    • Higher carbon levels offer higher speed.
  • Footwear:

    • Professional-level padel shoes with specialized features for agility and quick movements.
    • Ensure the shoes provide excellent grip on sandy surfaces. Deeper grooves are a must.
  • Clothing:

    • High-performance fabrics that offer moisture management and ventilation.
    • Consider compression gear for muscle support and recovery.
    • Deep pockets to hold balls while serving.

Additional Tips:

  • Consult with Experts: Seek advice from experienced players or coaches for recommendations on equipment suited to your skill level and chat to us in store.
  • Maintenance: Add head protection cover, keep bats in bags when not in use, keep grips clean and in good condition, avoid contact with walls, fence and other players bats.

Where to Buy:

  • Instore: Locate us in Gardens Cape Town.
  • Online: Purchase directly from our website.


Choosing the right padel equipment is essential for enjoying the sport and improving your game. As you progress from a beginner to an advanced player, your equipment needs may change to match your skill level and playing style. Invest in quality gear that enhances your performance and comfort on the court, and don’t hesitate to seek guidance from us, fellow players or professionals in the sport.