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How do I submit a product review?

We would absolutely love for you to submit a review of the product that you bought from us. You will most likely get a an email from us reminding you to review the items, but if you haven't then you can simply go to the particular item page and click on "Rate It". Here you will be able to give it 1 to 5 stars. 1 being bad, 5 being excellent. Then you will have space to say why you think so. Be nice ;)

Be sure to share it on your social media as well.

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How do i submit a review on the service ive received?

So there are a few options here and once again we welcome all criticism and praise, that is what makes us better. Critique helps us improve, praise motivates us and tells us we doing a good job, pat on the back and keep up the good work. Happy customers is what we like.

1) Via Facebook Recommendations

here you just click on Yes or No by "Would you recommend Racketlon SA", you can then add some text why you would or wouldn't - i really hope its YES.

2) Via the product on our website or #racketlonsa on Twitter is also OK.

3)Oh and how can we forget the classic "word of mouth" spread the word to your buddies at the club - they will love you for it, trust ,me.

Hi, how do I know in which category to enter? I am a sqaush player (played provincial and University) and I'm quite well in tennis and table tennis. I have never player batminton. Can someone please advise? Thanks!

Hi, have a look at the basic criteria in this answer, thank you