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Product Specific Questions

Good day Please send me your sizing chart for the Phil Taylor shirts Thank you

Sizing chart for all Target clothing is as follows:

XS 27.3 inches 6.1 inches 39 inches 150560
Small 28.1 inches 6.3 inches 41 inches 150561
Medium 28.9 inches 6.5 inches 42 inches 150562
Large 29.7 inches 6.6 inches 44 inches 150563
XL 30.5 inches 6.9 inches 47 inches 150564
2XL 31.3 inches 7.1 inches 49 inches 150565
3XL 32.1 inches 7.3 inches 52 inches 150566
4XL 33.0 inches 7.5 inches 54 inches 150567
5XL 34.2 inches 7.7 inches 56 inches 150568

hi what is the barrel length of the mvg limited add black 25g

Barrel length of MVG LTD 25g is 51mm

Do the rackets come with strings?

Some of the rackets do come pre-strung from factory with their strings. Tension of these can vary greatly. Some rackets do however not come strung, most of tennis rackets these days are unstrung as people prefer a specific type of string and want to be sure of specific tension.

All squash rackets are strung

Most tennis rackets are not strung.

Half of badminton rackets are not strung.

When selecting your racket you will be able to add the strings you want and tension and our stringer will restring for you with pleasure.

For more info on types of strings and tension explanations please visit our stringing guide here:

Are the table tennis bats assembled?

The hobby bats found here are all pre-assembled at manufacturer.

We assemble custom built bats in house should you wish us to do so for you. You choose your blade and 2 rubbers (1 red and 1 black) then add our FREE bat assembly service . You have to choose blade and 2 rubbers to qualify for free assembly. We then lacquer the blade (seal it to prevent damage when changing rubbers in future), we smoothly cut and glue the rubbers with VOC free glue and finish off with edge tape around the bat to make it look super professional.

Of course, you can do all of this yourself too, just make sure you add the glue to your cart.

When you checkout the blade from the product page there is also a free option to select lacquering for you.

PS: We cannot change the rubbers on hobby bats.

On the odd occasion we have specials of suggested combo setups which can be found here: