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Which rubber is best for me?

Choosing a rubber is dependent on how fast you want the ball to come off the bat and how much spin you want to generate if any.

We have standardized all the rubbers in a in a easy info table format as follows:

Brand: This shouldn't really affect your choice unless you brand loyal.

Model: This is the specific identifier name of the model.

Orientation: DEF, ALL-, ALL, ALL+, OFF-. OFF, OFF+, OFF++ This is the type of player you are or want to be. DEF = Defensive, ALL = All-round, OFF = Offensive.

Speed: The speed at which the ball comes off the rubber.

Spin: The amount of spin rubber is able to generate. Remember, the more spin a rubber can generate the harder it is to control opponents spin.

Control: This refers to how easy the rubber is able to aid you in placement of the ball.

Hardness: Flex, Ave, Stiff. The softer or flexible a rubber the more dwell time and spring off the rubber. Harder rubbers less dwell time.

Type: Short pimples, Long pimples or Inverted. 3 completely different types of rubbers, please refer to guide below.

For a full comprehensive rubber buying guide including thickness visit our guide page here: