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Affiliate Partner Program

What is the Affiliate Partner Program?

Simply put, its a way for you to earn Rack Rewards which is our very own online currency. Use these Rack Rewards (or "RR" as we like to call them) to purchase your items on our website. So the Affiliate Partner Program allows you the benefit of this perk. There are no strings attached, you can leave when you want to but when you see what it does why would you?.

See our next question and tell me you dont want this. How do we Join?.

See more in our Terms and Conditions page:

How do i join the Affiliate Partner Program?

1) Register an account on RacketlonSA if you haven't already done so.

2) In Your Account section (

3) Join the Affiliate program (its Free for everyone and will be limited in future so join asap)

4) In Your Account section you will find a link to send to your friends via email or whatsapp or even text message. This is your unique code letting us know you referred this friend to join the Racketlon family. If they also join the RR program they too can enjoy RR added to their account for future use. But even if they don't you will still earn off all their purchases as well (whether they join RR or not). Should they too decide to join RR you will still get your RR added to your account and so will they.

5) You will see the balance of your RR in Your Account section

6) Should your friends then decide to invite some friends they too can enjoy the RR but here's the real kicker, being a 3 level tier reward system you too will earn off them. A smaller percentage but none the less you will still earn RR and you don't even know them - how cool is that?. So get inviting.


Example: RR1 = 1Rand