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Dart Flights


  • Standard

    Standard flights gives maximum leverage to the flight mechanism because of its larger surface area.

  • Kite

    Kite flights have a smaller area, thus giving the dart faster flying speed.

  • Pear/Teardrop

    Teardrop or Pear shape flights allow maximum lift from a small flight and tends to keep the tail of the dart down.

  • Slim Flights

    Slim flights are designed for the fast-flying dart and allows the tail to stay low.

  • Solid Type

    The Push-in System allows for easy installation of flights and shafts. We have removed unnecessary parts so that players can change flights and shafts very quickly and smoothly without stress.Flights keep a right angle and consistency throughout use.Combine with Spinning shafts allow the flights to spin and rotate smoothly reducing deflections and preserving the life of the flights.

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