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Welcome to the Van der Stel Squash Ladder

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Contact details
Address: 47 Du Toit St, Stellenbosch, 7600

You can join Van Der Stel Squash Club by contacting Annette Van Tonder by e-mail [email protected] or after 14:00 in the afternoon at 0810233956

ladder up and running
We are pleased to announce that the VDS ladder is now up and running for 2014 and we hope all club members and players alike will enjoy and make full use of it.

To go to the VDS Squash Ladder for Men click here.


Welcome to Van der Stel Ladies Squash ladder
This site is running a squash ladder - a web / browser based application to automate the process of running a squash ladder. Challenges are made online and the challenger and challengee receive emails to notify them of when they need to play the match by. Reminders are sent out if the game is unplayed and if no result is recorded by a certain time the match is forfeited and the challenger wins!





League starts in March 2014.


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